April 21st, 23rd, 22nd and 24th 1951

April 21

Didn't to too much. G started to mill. H come around. G came back helped him get started up home with tractor and disc. Then he went and they were closed up. H came back got G's white and he was gone...real mad!
We went up to town.

Barbara M 15 ran off with a boy to get married last nite. Poor dumb girl!

April 22
49 years today, my Daddy died

ML in Alexandria
Started to rain at 9:30. Good on garden. G and cats are asleep. Don't think I'll go up to Chruch. But I didd go...good many out to Church.
Eat dinner at MJ came home. Mavis sent my dish home full of good Mac salad in it. Has rained all day...good on gardens.

*Nellie has new baby boy!

April 23

Lovely day, I been working in yard all day...is my shoulder tired. G went had feed ground for hogs. 7 sacks.  He disced the hog lot. I fixed some fence. Douglas came got 2 calves to go to Winc. Had them 8 weeks. Said $20 for one and $21 for other. Weighed 330 both of them $117.00
Didn't get any others. Yet. About $58.00 each.

April 24

Eggs 50
Lovely day little wind. I been working in yard have it all most cut in and ou. G gone for eggs. Sewed Mom's coats up. Made a tray of ice cream. Got plenty milk this AM.
Cut and made. Mrs S other print dress all but button holes done.

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