April 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th 1951

April 17

Brite, but cold this AM. Eggs 49. Snow flakes flew this morning early.

April 18
Sold Duck drake to Robert J
G caught one little fish down in the creek this morning for his breakfast.
G harrowed this garden good. We planted 4 rows red taters. Then he left with eggs. I got ready + washed big wash. Then he came had seeds. We got at it and planted 5 rows of peas, onions, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and peppers. Set rows of cabbage, 3 rows of corn and radishes. Have garden nearly full. Tired as a pup!
Cecil + Bob came over a minute. Went to bed at 9
Warmed up some

April 19

Cloudy today again. am sore and stiff today. Must iron. Peepies getting along fine so far. Had card from ML + Annie. Ironed + watered all the flowers and run some eggs.
G caught 4 fish in creek.
Planted red beets.

April 20
Brite as a $ out...a little cool. I want warmer. Got work done outside and fish cleaned and breakfast eat. Must iron now. Johnny got tractor to harrow his garden. I finished ironing done the patching too. Mopped up every where. Fixed my dress. Was over to Ruth's a while. 8 o'clock just thru with cats and my supper. Warmed up some this pm. Card from E, cold is better, weather is a bit better.
Peepies okay; pigs are better.

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