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April 21st, 23rd, 22nd and 24th 1951

April 21

Didn't to too much. G started to mill. H come around. G came back helped him get started up home with tractor and disc. Then he went and they were closed up. H came back got G's white and he was gone...real mad!
We went up to town.

Barbara M 15 ran off with a boy to get married last nite. Poor dumb girl!

April 22
49 years today, my Daddy died

ML in Alexandria
Started to rain at 9:30. Good on garden. G and cats are asleep. Don't think I'll go up to Chruch. But I didd go...good many out to Church.
Eat dinner at MJ came home. Mavis sent my dish home full of good Mac salad in it. Has rained all day...good on gardens.

*Nellie has new baby boy!

April 23

Lovely day, I been working in yard all day...is my shoulder tired. G went had feed ground for hogs. 7 sacks.  He disced the hog lot. I fixed some fence. Douglas came got 2 calves to go to Winc. Had them 8 weeks. Said $20 for one and $21 for other. Weighed 330 both of them $117.00
Didn't get any others. Yet. About $58.00 each.

April 24

Eggs 50
Lovely day little wind. I been working in yard have it all most cut in and ou. G gone for eggs. Sewed Mom's coats up. Made a tray of ice cream. Got plenty milk this AM.
Cut and made. Mrs S other print dress all but button holes done.

April 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th 1951

April 17

Brite, but cold this AM. Eggs 49. Snow flakes flew this morning early.

April 18
Sold Duck drake to Robert J
G caught one little fish down in the creek this morning for his breakfast.
G harrowed this garden good. We planted 4 rows red taters. Then he left with eggs. I got ready + washed big wash. Then he came had seeds. We got at it and planted 5 rows of peas, onions, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and peppers. Set rows of cabbage, 3 rows of corn and radishes. Have garden nearly full. Tired as a pup!
Cecil + Bob came over a minute. Went to bed at 9
Warmed up some

April 19

Cloudy today again. am sore and stiff today. Must iron. Peepies getting along fine so far. Had card from ML + Annie. Ironed + watered all the flowers and run some eggs.
G caught 4 fish in creek.
Planted red beets.

April 20
Brite as a $ out...a little cool. I want warmer. Got work done outside and fish cleaned and breakfast eat. Must iron now. Johnny got tractor to harrow his garden. I finished ironing done the patching too. Mopped up every where. Fixed my dress. Was over to Ruth's a while. 8 o'clock just thru with cats and my supper. Warmed up some this pm. Card from E, cold is better, weather is a bit better.
Peepies okay; pigs are better.

April 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th 1951

April 13

Cecil's Guernsey was fresh last nite, taken her home.

Stopped raining now. it's cold and windy as 40. I watered all the flowers and cleaned the house all over. Washed some stockings out. Will sew if no one comes for me to go to Phil's funeral up at Patmos.
F came for me. H brought me back. He sure looked bad. Right many there.
Plenty frost this AM ice too. Awful cold and windy for 13th of April!

April 14
Brite but cool as dickens. Muddy too. middle of April and no garden made yet...too wet. Didn't do anything but what i had to. Was so windy + cold all day. The wind has stopped now. Don't know who got the eggs.
Have lost one peepie so far.
Eggs 49
Went up town went to see Alice. She is better, don't know when she can go home.
HCB was up to see her too.

April 15

No preaching any where close. G slept, I went out to see Mrs. S till 12. Came back eat a bite, taken G over to river. I went up to ML got her _ Isabel + kids; we went over to Helen and Bob's house..but no one home. Went up to Edinburg, turned came back. Looked at houses went up on back street, looked at new houses on down past Snyder's up main street and home. Done up work. Will go for him after while.

April 16

Was busy all day. It was real cold too, so windy. I baked cake, deviled eggs, gathered up stuff to take to Church. Pauline came at 4. They served their Ruritan up here. $26.00 got home at 10. Awful cold.
Cecil's black and white heifer was fresh today, he taken her home.

*Snow flakes flying this early am. April 17th!!!

April 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th 1951

April 9th
Eggs 47
I got ready for peepies. G went back to Wisman's filed to make fence. At noon H + MJ came to help with chickens. G + H went to Effie's got 7 big hens 54# $17.28. MJ + I dressed them. H went for eggs. G went to have car fixed + then river. It was 5 when I got there. Done up work, am tired now. R wanted me to go along to show, but can't go. Will eat some supper now. Has been raining since 5...sure is wet.

April 10th
Got 100 new H reds at Edinburg $14.50
Got sack of hog feed $5.10 real good. and #50 chicken feed.
PEEPIE day! Egg day
Has rained all nite so real muddy now. G has gone on river first. I baked my cake. Will cook some chikcen next. Will go up the way at dinner time.
Rained hard all day. G went over river. I went up way and for peepies. (egg 47)
Phyllis K got such a sick spell this eve, then got unconscious doesn't know anything. Kids are there.

April 11th 
Dinner day. Beautiful day. Rith + I left at 9:30 for town. We had a fine dinner; fed 73 men. Good dinner, good crowd. Uncle Phil the same. Tim and Fred stayed tonite with him. I was tired, didn't do anything but get a bite to eat. He slept so did I.
Phillip K died at 8:30

April 12th
Started to rain last Eve, rained nearly all nite. Raining read hard today. Some wet!
I didn't do much at all. G out and gone and back went to bed early. I went at 10.