Feedsacks and Quilts

The 50s Farm Wife often writes of her sewing, patching and quilting....this page is dedicated to posts related to Vintage Feedsacks and Quilts (and vintage linens, aprons, dresses...)

* = just added for sale!

April Vintage Feedsack Month

Floursack Underwear and Sugar Sack Quilt (*Quilt for available for sale)
Show n' Tell Beginning History Early Feed Sacks (Primitive muslin sacks; food staples)

The 50's Farm Wife's Vintage Feedsack Quilt Blocks (Yes, purchased from her estate, the 50s Farm Wife made these! :)

Available for Sale (Sage Patch and 50s Farm Wife)

*On Sage Patch for sale; 1940s Farmhouse floral Oilcloth Bridge/Card Tablecloth AMAZING!

1940s and 50s Vintage Quilt Top Strips

Vintage Tumbling Star Quilt   SOLD