April 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th 1951

April 13

Cecil's Guernsey was fresh last nite, taken her home.

Stopped raining now. it's cold and windy as 40. I watered all the flowers and cleaned the house all over. Washed some stockings out. Will sew if no one comes for me to go to Phil's funeral up at Patmos.
F came for me. H brought me back. He sure looked bad. Right many there.
Plenty frost this AM ice too. Awful cold and windy for 13th of April!

April 14
Brite but cool as dickens. Muddy too. middle of April and no garden made yet...too wet. Didn't do anything but what i had to. Was so windy + cold all day. The wind has stopped now. Don't know who got the eggs.
Have lost one peepie so far.
Eggs 49
Went up town went to see Alice. She is better, don't know when she can go home.
HCB was up to see her too.

April 15

No preaching any where close. G slept, I went out to see Mrs. S till 12. Came back eat a bite, taken G over to river. I went up to ML got her _ Isabel + kids; we went over to Helen and Bob's house..but no one home. Went up to Edinburg, turned came back. Looked at houses went up on back street, looked at new houses on down past Snyder's up main street and home. Done up work. Will go for him after while.

April 16

Was busy all day. It was real cold too, so windy. I baked cake, deviled eggs, gathered up stuff to take to Church. Pauline came at 4. They served their Ruritan up here. $26.00 got home at 10. Awful cold.
Cecil's black and white heifer was fresh today, he taken her home.

*Snow flakes flying this early am. April 17th!!!

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