April 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th 1951

April 9th
Eggs 47
I got ready for peepies. G went back to Wisman's filed to make fence. At noon H + MJ came to help with chickens. G + H went to Effie's got 7 big hens 54# $17.28. MJ + I dressed them. H went for eggs. G went to have car fixed + then river. It was 5 when I got there. Done up work, am tired now. R wanted me to go along to show, but can't go. Will eat some supper now. Has been raining since 5...sure is wet.

April 10th
Got 100 new H reds at Edinburg $14.50
Got sack of hog feed $5.10 real good. and #50 chicken feed.
PEEPIE day! Egg day
Has rained all nite so real muddy now. G has gone on river first. I baked my cake. Will cook some chikcen next. Will go up the way at dinner time.
Rained hard all day. G went over river. I went up way and for peepies. (egg 47)
Phyllis K got such a sick spell this eve, then got unconscious doesn't know anything. Kids are there.

April 11th 
Dinner day. Beautiful day. Rith + I left at 9:30 for town. We had a fine dinner; fed 73 men. Good dinner, good crowd. Uncle Phil the same. Tim and Fred stayed tonite with him. I was tired, didn't do anything but get a bite to eat. He slept so did I.
Phillip K died at 8:30

April 12th
Started to rain last Eve, rained nearly all nite. Raining read hard today. Some wet!
I didn't do much at all. G out and gone and back went to bed early. I went at 10.

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